Largo is committed to being a global leader in the vanadium sector, providing products, materials, and solutions for a low-carbon future.

Largo is a globally recognized vanadium company known for its high-quality VPURE™ and VPURE+™ products, sourced from its Maracás Menchen Mine in Brazil.

The Company is currently focused on the ramp up of its ilmenite concentrate plant and is undertaking a strategic evaluation of its U.S.-based clean energy business, including its advanced VCHARGE vanadium battery technology to maximize the value of the organization. Largo's strategic business plan centers on maintaining its position as a leading vanadium supplier with a growth strategy to support a low-carbon future.

Driving the world’s transition to a low-carbon future with vanadium.

We believe Largo is a force for good in the world and we apply our courage, creativity and drive to develop responsible products and solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow.

Sustainability is the foundation of our business.

We understand our short and long-term impacts on people and the planet, and we act to prevent and reduce them throughout our value chain. We work together with our communities on their sustainable development.

Making a difference for the people we serve around the world.

We utilize our world-class vanadium operations and manufacturing capabilities to provide vanadium focused solutions for a lower carbon future.

Strengthening the business to support sustainable, long-term success.

At Largo, we strive to deliver exceptional shareholder returns through reliable earnings and cash flow. We are focused on strengthening the business – and our balance sheet – to support sustainable, long-term success.

Investor Information

We expect to deliver strong financial growth from our core business and provide cost-effective, innovative low-carbon solutions for our vanadium and energy storage customers.

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