Sustainability Pillars

Paulo Misk
Paulo Misk
President and Chief Executive Officer

Message from our CEO

Largo prides itself on its proven history of community relations, stakeholder engagement and excellent social and environmental stewardship.

Our people remain our priority and we truly believe in continuously making a difference economically and socially in our local and host communities. We are very proud to manufacture products that contribute to the world’s decarbonization efforts – particularly with our VPURE™ and VPURE+™ product line, which remains some of the highest quality vanadium in the world. In continuing with these efforts, we are also focused on delivering a 100% renewable energy storage solution with our VCHARGE± vanadium redox flow batteries for the long-duration renewable energy market. This combined with our sustained operational excellence continues to set Largo apart from other mining operations and positions the Company as one of the leading vanadium companies, globally.

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Tailings Management

Largo recognizes the importance of the work conducted by the Global Tailings Review and the ensuing successful publication of the first Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (the “Standard”). The Company believes that this Standard will bring an integrated approach to tailings management which will enhance the safety of tailings facilities worldwide. As a producer of high-quality vanadium, which is used to lower the carbon footprint and increase the economic efficiency of the entire steel value chain, as well as in long-duration renewable energy storage with vanadium electrolyte, Largo commits to risk management and sustainable practices throughout its organization.


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Sustainability Reports

Largo is focused on the integration of ESG principles and values throughout our organization. We are committed to the improvement of these initiatives and look forward to providing new reports annually.